How to reach us


Take the SIT Shuttle bus from outside Arrivals. You'll get two choices of destination: Termini or Vatican. Choose Vatican and you'll be deposited at Via Crescenzio. From here it's beautiful stroll through Prati, passing the perimeter of the Vatican City, or a 5-minute taxi ride.


Another way into town is the more touristy Leonardo Express train to Termini, the city's main train station and public transport hub, followed by the metro to Ottaviano. We're about a 10-minute walk from Ottaviano or a hop, a skip and a jump in a taxi.


Come into Rome from the city ring road (the ‘Gran Raccordo Anulare' or ‘GRA') from west on the Via Aurelia and follow signs all the way to the centre. Just after you pass Cipro metro station on your right you'll go past a roundabout. Take the first right (Via Tommaso Campanella), fifth left (Via della Giuliana) and third left (Via Rodi)


The 3 star concept boutique music Hotel Franklin Feel the Sound Rome has a great location ideal for exploring the entire city on foot, especially the Vatican City and St Peter's. We're located in the charming suburb of Prati, which caresses the Vatican City walls on the north side. It's about a 15-minute walk from the hotel door down to St Peter's Basilica or the entrance to the Vatican Museums. We're about 10 minutes' walk from the nearest metro station - Ottaviano - which opens up the entire city to you via the red (A) line. From the front of the Vatican you can take Via della Conciliazione on foot and cross the bridge into Municipio 1 and the heart of Rome's renaissance city centre.


• St Peter’s - 15 minutes on foot
• Vatican Museums - 15 minutes on foot
• Castel Sant’Angelo - 30 minutes on foot or 15 minutes by bus
• Olympic Stadium - 25 minutes by bus

• Piazza Navona - 40 minutes on foot or 20 minutes by bus
• Piazza del Popolo - 2 stops by metro
• The Spanish Steps - 3 stops by metro
• Piazza della Repubblica - 5 stops by metro

• Termini Station - 6 stops by metro
• Colosseum - 8 stops by metro (1 change)
• Roman Forum - 8 stops by metro (1 change)